Digital Healthcare Communication Company

RxTap is a “Digital Healthcare Communication Company”. We are Specialized in designing and developing innovative digital marketing & communication solutions for Life Science and Medical Industry.

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Who we are

We work hand in hand with clients to explain scientific innovation, medical concepts and healthcare education in innovative ways on digital channels.

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what we do

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Where Science Meets

Our Approach

Auditing & Analysis

While auditing & analyzing, we try to identify potential areas of improvement, strengths, past developments, present strategy and audience to set the goals.

Research & Concept Discovery

In project research, we employ methods to understand market segment, trends, audience behavior, demography, competitors and external factors to device effective conceptual communication and solutions.

Strategy Planning

Under strategy planning, we focus oncommunication, positioning, branding signals, images, illustration and graphic details, which help in developing the campaign theme, communication channels, timeline and budget.

Approval, Execution& Delivery

Each step is taken after client’s approval and consultation. Dedicated project manager continuously update and report on developments before execution, which help project to meet timeline, budget and objectives.

Continuous support and Update

We understand that market algorithm is a continuously evolving and the best way to catch up with change is through regular monitoring, research, analysis, awareness and dedicated team. Therefore, we believe that real work starts after project delivery. This is the time, when market feedback and valuable suggestions of real world



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