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rxtapDigital usage is second only to TV, soon predicted to be number one, we spend more time engaging & browsing on digital media than on any other communication and information medium. In today’s digital environment, some 90% of the American population own a smart device. 77% of population use digital space to search for health information and services.

Therefore, this is necessary that healthcare marketing strategy and online present has to be digitally responsive, interactive and engaging. Imagine the opportunities digital channel offer to educate and engage targeted audience in knowledge sharing about medical products and services to help them take a well informed decision to better manage their condition and establish a strong patient, physician and industry partnership. This is an opportunity to build trust & confidence with audience to enhance your brand and product value.

RxTap assist pharmaceutical and healthcare clients identify and tap the prospective opportunities on digital space to grow their market share & increase influence in targeted audience. We have professional expertise in digital project planning and execution, therefore we understand the FDA regulatory guidelines & compliance policies. Combination of medical communication optimization and creative digital solutions can deliver exceptional results to engage and create awareness around products and services.

RxTap’s digital solutions services include mobile apps, interactive websites and information solutions, which help you to spread education and awareness about your products in creative ways.

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