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Healthcare communication has always been a bridge between medical practitioners and Industry but empowering the consumer is slowly becoming a part of future marketing strategies. Digital communication channels offer a real world opportunity to connect audiences with brands.

At RxTap, we strongly believe that strategic digital communication has become an integral part of healthcare brand establishment and the commercial success of healthcare marketing depends on accurate explanation of research concept, trail outcome, scientific discovery & mode of action. Therefore, the presentation of ideas and results plays an important role in the impact of marketing and regulatory communication, while keeping prescribed protocols and guidelines in check.

We design digital healthcare communication strategies which, play an important role to educate and engage targeted audience to empower them through various digital channels. Our healthcare communication and medical writing services are a cost effective and well organized solutions to meet your marketing and regulatory needs. Our team work as an extension of your organization. Each project is taken on priority and managed professionally by a dedicated project manager.

Our team possess specialty in multiple therapeutic filed. We have constituted a dedicated team of highly educated and experienced medical communication experts and creative digital solutions team. Our talented group of scientific communication writers come from diverse life science and medical backgrounds including clinical Md, post graduate, Phd, research pharmacist, academic professors and pharmaceutical scientists. Our team of qualified and analytically strong writers apply their experience to develop original editorial, blogs, articles, publications, press release & web forums and style conventions around your brand to encourage engagement around your products to make a statement on digital space.

We all agree that pharmaceutical, biotech and life science organizations are expert in marketing, medical discovery and clinical research respectively, but due to number of understandable reasons, there is a gap between medical communication, scientific publication and regulatory science writing. We perfectly understand the complexity and challenges faced by pharmaceutical, research and biotech organizations to strike a balance between communication, medical writing and regulatory protocols.

RxTap team is trained on ICH-GCP principles, writing style guides, reference managers and medical dictionaries and well equipped to manage marketing communication and medical writing projects of regulatory documentations according to FDA standards and guidelines.

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